Whatever You Need to Know about Autism – Dr. Curtis Cripe Offers Guideline

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Autism is a complex ailment. It is complex because, people cannot witness it unfolding on the surface. It is all in the mind and therefore, it is concealed from the un-expert eyes. What you cannot see, you might not believe in it. Experts who have spent their lives researching on the subject believe that this mental condition can be detected in the patients’ during the first three years of their lives. This mental syndrome is caused by neurological disorder. This disorder affects the brain function. It results in communication and social interaction problem.

Dr. Curtis Cripe is a neuro-engineer who has dedicated his life to help people with mental condition. He says that anyone suffering from autism automatically faces problem with non-verbal communication. They also find it difficult to continue with social interaction.

The question here is – how will you detect this condition? What are the symptoms of autism? When should you get in touch with a doctor? Yes, Curtis Cripe urges people to be aware of the signs this condition brings forth. Without knowing what to treat, you will never be able to get help when there is still time.2

Signs to Be Aware of

Like any other mental condition autism too gives many signs. You will just have to educate yourself to know what they are. Dr. Curtis Cripe has tried to list a few signs to tutor everyone.

The first sign is delayed speech. Everyone is talkative. Children sometimes start speaking at the later years. However, if they don’t speak even at the age of two, you should talk to a doctor. The sign might not be too positive.

Frequent repetition is another sign of autism. People suffering from autism have the tendency to repeat words. Therefore, this is another sign to pay attention to. Additionally, these people use tone while talking which is very monotonous, meaning their voice is flat. They fail to use voice modulation.

They also have problem with responding to others communication. They don’t answer when their names get called. They even reject the intimacy offered by their parents.

The major problem with people with autism is communication. They show little interest in communication with others. Sometimes they show no interest in communicating with other people. They prefer to stay alone even as children. Avoiding eye contact or using proper gesture are the common signs of autism.

Causes of Autism

Dr. Curtis Cripe has listed some events that cause autism. It is believed to exist in gene. After lengthy research the researchers have come to the conclusion that sometimes autism comes from the gene that the children inherit from their parents. However, they could not attach any specific gene to the mental disorder.

However, some researchers contradict this theory. They say that the genetic condition develops autism only when the person is exposed to certain environmental disorder, like being born prematurely.

Whatever the cause is, if you think your child or a loved one is suffering from autism, you should not delay in getting medical help.       

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