What Are the Benefits of A Massage?

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Most people would agree that getting a massage is good for the body, but it is not just something to do to relieve stress. Sure, you can relieve stress this way, but a great Euro-spa massage could provide you with so many more benefits. In fact, some experts speculate that as much as 90 percent of disease may be related to stress, in general. As such, reducing stress—through massage, for example—might be a good way to improve immune response.  

And you can reduce stress, of course, through massage.

The Initial Benefits of Massage

First of all, a good massage provides serious physiological benefits.  Primarily, of course, a great massage can result in the loosening of tension in the body, which can alleviate pain. Just ask an athlete or another high-stress professional—like those especially in the labor industry—and they will agree.  Similarly, people who do shift work on their feet—like servers and bartenders—and even people who sit at a desk all day will find great physical benefit in a quality massage, in terms of stress release.Image result for Massage?

The Secondary Benefits of Massage

Of course, when you work out the physical kinks in the body you will feel relaxed.  But, in addition to this, a quality massage also releases tension through the improvement of circulation and this helps to pump oxygen through the blood and throughout the whole body.  Any improvement in circulation makes it easier to exercise, stretch, and rest, of course.  In addition, when you properly circulate the blood, you are able to revive other parts of the body—other muscles—that may also be tired, even if you are not massaging them directly.

Some Massage Modalities Have Special Benefits

While you may be familiar with the practical relaxation benefits of the average quality Swedish massage, there are other types of massage that provide specific benefits, should you need them. For example, lymphatic massage is administered in such a way that it is supposed to encourage the draining of the lymph system which has been shown to boost immune response and reduce pain.  In addition, pregnant mothers may find that lymphatic massage could help make delivery a little easier.  Some advice that lymphatic massage might also help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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