Water and air pollution can really impact hair health?

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Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by people from almost all countries around the world these days.  Besides hereditary reasons, this issue can also be triggered due to air and water pollution. Here are some points that explain how water and air can influence your hair life.

Air pollution plays spoiler for hair growth

You must have heard about the impact of air and water pollution on hair. There is very little that people living in large cities can do to get rid of this problem without getting adequate treatment for hair loss.  However, everyone must appreciate researchers who discovered this phenomenon. Scientists from University of London deserve the credit for highlighting the link between air pollution and hair loss for the first time in 2008.

University’s scientists suggest that hair producing proteins are constantly produced in our body. But carcinogens and toxins present in polluted air can easily impact the mechanism that creates these proteins.  This study proved that baldness can also be caused due to environmental factors along with hereditary reasons.


Oxidative stress destroys cells and impacts the process of hair growth. Air pollution and smoking triggers the effect of oxidative stress.

UoL’s findings were published as part of Journal of Investigative Dermatology. Hair follicles were collected from several bald men and this material was tested in many laboratories as part of the study.  This research helped scientists to develop creams and other medication to help individuals who are suffering from hair loss because of air pollution.

Researcher Mike Philpott interacted with journalists and shared details about their findings. While sharing his opinion about pollution’s impact on hair, he said pollutants that enter human’s blood stream or skin can easily create stress on hair follicle and damage hair’s ability to create a fibre.

Believe it or not, but you can improve your hair health by living in areas that are less polluted. Plus, you can give new life to your hair by quitting smoking according to Mike.

Impact of water of hair life

Sea water is processed in order to remove its salt content. This processed water is known as desalinated water.  More than 70 percent of water supplied in the UAE is desalinated water. It is absolutely safe for drinking, but not appropriate for skin, scalp and hair.  Bating with such water or cleaning hair with it can cause hair loss for sure. Perhaps, this is the reason men and women living in Arabian Gulf region report hair loss issue. People who migrate to the UAE from other countries often report issues like dry scalp, dry skin, and brittle hair because of using desalinated water.

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