Understanding Internal Medicine

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The medical world has a number of specializations and when you fall ill, you will find that a specialized doctor is the sole person who will take care of you and ensure that you are fit and fine again. One such specialization in the field of medicine is internal medicine. Many people are not aware of this term. They are confused as to what it implies and can do for the human body. Little do people know that there are doctors that are experts in the field of internal medicine. Like their counterparts in other specializations, they are skilled and equipped to heal various ailments in the body too!

Now the question that arises in the mind is what is internal medicine? Internal medicine primarily deals with the digestive system in the body. The healing and cure does not only apply to one part of the body but to the whole body. Vijaya-Prakash Boggala is a doctor of internal medicine and he says that this branch of medicine is fast catching on in the nation because of its ability to heal from the roots. Like other medical niches, this branch of medicine is a very specialized and it required postgraduate education. The doctors and experts of internal medicine are educated and they are capable of healing many diseases.2

He says that since this field of medicine is very complex, the expert of internal medicine needs to have a keen eye for detail. This field of medicine is also very demanding and you cannot afford to rush ahead with your diagnosis. There are two fields where internal medicine is in demand in the nation. They are cardiology and endocrinology. The former is a delicate area of the body that needs special training and the expert of internal medicine needs to understand the different types of ailments that are likely to affect the human body. The most common ones are heart attack, myopathy and arrhythmia. They are serious and these conditions need different levels of care and medicine. You should also note that heart attacks can be really fatal and this often leads to other very serious issues.

When you come to endocrinology, you will find that the internal medicine professional will deal with the endocrine system of the human body. The endocrine system of your body is responsible for the release of hormones and maintaining its levels through your body. Women often face many hormonal problems and now it has also been seen that men too are suffering from hormonal imbalances. Here, the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone of estrogen are dealt with. This field of medicine also deals with the thyroid and is a very common issue with overweight or underweight people. Vijaya-Prakash Boggala says that the management of the endocrine system in the human body is a very serious matter and it needs a specialized touch.

An internal medicine expert also manages issues that are related to sleep disorders, sports medicines, organ transplants and more. Internal medicine is a very complex and crucial field that needs special education and expertise. It also should be noted that the internal medicine doctor should not be treated as family doctors- they are primary care physicians- in case of an emergency, it is prudent to contact your family doctor!


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