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Hair loss is a common problem which so epidemic that about 60 percent of men suffer this. Although females are also affected by hair loss but they are less affected by this. So the question arise that why men tend to suffer more baldness than women and how to check that. So in this article we are going to explore the top nine causes of hair loss.

Fortunately, with advancement in medical field of hair restoration, there are many ways for hair transplantation come in market which are very effective in hair regrowth. India is growing as hub for hair transplantation with several leading cities like Pune, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and Kolkata are providing world class hair transplant facilities and these facilities are quite affordable. Among these cities, hair transplant in Pune is most affordable among all these cities, as lot of renown doctors are in Pune and their hair transplantation charge is also quite affordable.

Causes for hair loss:

Cause #1.Genetics

This is main reason cause of hair loss and generally this flow across the generation. If someone close relative from your paternal or maternal side is suffering from baldness, then chances are high that you will also affected by hair loss. However with the help of medication, you can reduce the rate of hair loss but there is not any perfect method which could completely check hair loss.2

Cause #2. Stress

Any kind of stress whether it is psychological stress or physical stress can have unwanted effect on the body. It happens because when our body undergo stress or shock, it goes through flood of various metabolites and hormones. This process lead to generation of telogen effluvium, which led to hair shedding. Research are going on, whether stress bring short term hair loss or chronic hair loss.1


Cause #3. Nutritional Deficiency

Hair are made of keratin and protein and any kind of deficiency in these nutrient in our food is directly manifestation by our skin and hair. Even if there is deficiency in level of iron in body, our hair follicles start shrinking and it provoke hair loss. In the absence of B 12, color pigment of hairs start diminishing and then thinning and eventually balding start happen. In order to counter this, start consuming complete balanced food which are high in these nutrient like beef, poultry product, dairy product, grains, green vegetable and legumes on daily basis.

Cause #4. Medication

Most of us are aware that chemotherapy drugs and treatment led to hair loss but there are other medicines also which led to hair loss. Anti – thyroid medication, anti-convulsant and birth control pills, beta-blocker and anti-coagulants are major culprit in the hair loss as it trigger hormonal imbalance which led to hair loss. These medications led to sudden shift of hairs from growth phase to falling stage. In case of hair loss due to medication, consult your doctor and ask for alternative medicine which do not trigger hair loss. 2

Cause #5. Chemotherapy

The reason behind chemotherapy being so effective in curing cancer is that it stop growth of cell, but it also stop growth of other cell also, including hair follicles. Thus after chemotherapy hair start shedding at very fast rate, but this is temporary state and after completion of chemotherapy, hair follicles again start to grow at their regular speed.2


Cause #6.  Infection

There are number of infection which lead to hair shedding, but the most common one is ringworm which affect the scalp and lead to hair loss. This problem of ringworm cause by a fungus called dermatophytes which thrive in moist and warm conditions. This problem arise due to poor hygiene problem and irrespective of age, it can be happen at any stage of age. The most effective way to treat this is to have high level of hygiene and wash your hair with anti-fungal shampoo.

Cause #7.  Autoimmune Disease

Sometime our own immune start working against our own body tissue as our immune system start treating our hair follicles as the foreign material and start destroying them. This result in shrinking of hair follicles first and then it lead to hair loss. This can cause right from temporary baldness to permanent hair loss. The right treatment to consult doctor as early as possible and treat your own immune system.

Cause #8. Hypothyroidism

This situation arise by a thyroid which is located neck just underneath voice box. This thyroid is responsible for regulation of metabolism of body through secretion of various hormones. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which there is less production of a particular hormones which led to most common type of baldness pattern alopecia areta. The reasons for hypothyroidism are autoimmune diseases, abnormalities and surgery involving removal of some thyroids.2


Cause #9.  Trichotillomania

This name is given to habit of habitual pulling or plucking of the hair from scalp and other part of body. It is still under probe that whether trichotillomania is just a habit or obsessive-compulsive disorder but one thing is sure that this cause hair loss. Generally hair regrow if you stop your habit but if this problem persist then definitely it will lead to hair loss.










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