Top 4 Details Of The Athletic Green Superfood Review

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The trend of green juicing has caught on quick, as the benefits of the juice are enormous. However, it can get cumbersome to go through the motions of juicing a ton of vegetables and fruits and then cleaning the juicer or blender equipment every day. Instead, try the simplified version of the trend with the Athletic Greens Superfood.

This is a powdered cocktail of the main superfoods included in a healthy green juice. It is however, much easier to prepare, since all you have to do is to dissolve the supplement in water to drink readily. Every product has its major advantages and disadvantages and here are a few points of a detailed review of the product.

Taste test – the product is sweetened with the addition of Stevia. This rather masks the ‘green’ taste that is so prevalent in most green juices. The supplement is also incredibly easy to prepare. However, some users have admitted that there is a ‘green’ aftertaste to the sweet drink.


Nutritional benefits- the product has all the major super foods listed as part of the ingredients list. It is a major help for new users to find their nutritional set in one cocktail of super drink. The vegetables used in the cocktail are all organic and raw so, you get the maximum benefit from the product without the repercussions of synthetic ingredients and preservatives overload.

Effects on the body- With the athletic Green super foods you tap in to all the benefits of high-energy disposition and a better functioning that are a part of the green juice diet. It also helps with the detoxification process of the body.

Packaging of the product – some users have expressed their disappointment with the packaging of the product. Instead of coming in a storage jar, the product is available in a Ziploc bag, which can get quite messy and inconvenient when taking out the powder with a spoon. You can also read about other user experiences about the product on various reviews online. Find ones like that have an honest take on the product after using it over a certain period.

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