Supplements to Boost Memory

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Memory is an integral part of our intelligence over which a person has no control at all. While some of us are gifted with a very sharp memory and brain power some of us are not luckily enough to have such a fast paced mind which can pick up information in seconds and remember it and recall it later. This can be quite frustrating and disheartening to few who cannot grasp information as quick as others and have slow learning ability and memory power. Also people lose their memory power and ability to recall as they grow old. Ageing is a stage where a person’s mental performance slows down drastically.


There are various natural sources that a person can consume to boost his mental power. They include herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

ALCAR – alcar is an excellent brain antioxidant which works to slow down the ageing process of neurons in elderly people and helps them against memory loss due to old age.  It is known to improve memory retention and recalling power in ageing individuals who eventually suffer from memory loss as they grow old.


PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE – This supplement is found in every cell membrane and is a type of lipid. It is found in abundance in brain and plays a role in improving overall functioning of brain and helps in effective memory storage in brain.

It is always a good idea to check out the review of brain supplements  before your get started.


There are many nootropics supplements that work as experts in boosting memory.

PIRACETAM – this is one of the most powerful supplements which have excellent results without any risks of side effects. It is known for increasing memory capacity in brain and helps students suffering from short term memory. It helps in better retention of information and increases ability to recall at a later time.

ALPHA GPC – Alpha GPC is important chemical to produce neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Hence it helps in increase in the production of neurotransmitters in brain thereby leading to increase in functioning of brain and boost a student’s academic performance and mental powers.

ANIRACETAM – this is the next important supplement introduced after piracetam for boosting memory in a person. It is considered to be five times more powerful than its predecessor. Aniracetam works dually as in both as a memory enhancer as well as to promote feelings of well being in a person. This drug helps in making a person feel positive and mentally relaxed and energetic while at the same time increases his ability in remembering information quickly and better storage in brain. It goes a long way in increasing mental performance in a student thereby helping him to excel in his studies.

Thereby to conclude we can say that even if a student is not blessed with a genius brain he can still excel in his studies by consuming these memory supplements which go a long way to increase his memory and improve his cognitive functioning.

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