Steroid Cycle for Beginners

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Steroid cycles for the beginners are one of the difficult points that can be understood. Because of that reason alone there are chances of the loss of potential for the beginners as they do not know how and what to have. They should keep a track on the steroids and the progress that is being gained on this. Also they should know about the risks that are involved in having a steroid both physical and legal.

Post Cycle Therapy is one of the important needs that are essential to be noted for the beginners. This makes them understand of the hormone changes of the body after having the steroids. This is essential to be implemented as the consumption of the anabolic steroids may sometimes prevent the production of the natural testosterone hormones that are produced by the body. This affects the body in a negative manner. Hence implementation of the post cycle therapy helps in the regulation of the hormones. Ideally, the recommended steroid cycles for new users are not more than 30 mg per day for duration of not more than 4 – 5 weeks.

We can take the examples of some steroids and their dosages that are commonly used.

Dianabol: This is one of the steroids that we can usually have it orally. This increases the muscle thereby enhancing the strength. But the only fact is that it might sometimes cause side effects like oestrogenic androgenic. Dianabol cycle for the beginners comes around 30 mg per day for a duration of around 5 weeks. If we consume this drug for a long period of time this sometimes causes the damage to the liver. The post cycle therapy can be taken for 3 weeks and the individual can take at least 12 weeks of time break before having the next cycle.

Winstrol: Winstrol is another type of steroid that can be used orally. Winstrol can only cause androgenic effect. The steroid cycle for the beginners who use this steroid can have 50mg a day for around 5 weeks. This also have the same post cycle therapy as same as the dianabol.


Before having all these drugs it is necessary to study about the physique and the change in the performance that these steroids may cause. It should be noted that some of the steroids will be of mild nature and the side effects of these hormones are less for the females. The anabolic steroid dosage helps in increasing the strength and size of the muscles for a period of around 6 to 8 weeks.

Even if there are so many benefits for the steroids it has been noticed that there are some side effects also for this. It will be always better to have only one type of steroid at a time so as to know the cause of the adverse effect after consumption of the steroids. The common side effects that cause both the males and the females is oily skin, change in mood, chance of heart problems etc.

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