How to Reduce Belly Fat Through Yoga

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One big pet peeve for women is the presence of belly fat, instead of a toned abdomen that looks flattering in any light. For those women, one go-to exercise regimen is yoga. Luckily, yoga has several poses that are great for helping to rid the body of that persistent belly fat. There are poses that have additional benefits, like improved blood flow and a calming effect on the mind, which means greater benefit from your efforts to tone the abdomen and reduce belly fat.

While working with the poses, it is also worthwhile to consider some supplemental assistance. Purchasing an appetite supplement can help your body be trained to realize that hunger isn’t helpful beyond the required nutrition. This means the choice to buy Adipex may be a good option, since it can work well with certain poses in yoga to break down belly fat. Here are four poses that can be a great help for those on a mission to reduce belly fat.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

While seated on the floor, stretch both legs out straight in front of you. Lean forward to touch your forehead to your knees while grasping the toes of each foot in that respective hand. There will be significant pressure in the abdomen, which shows that the belly fat is being reduced through focus on that region. This pose also helps calm the mind.

Gas Releasing Pose

While lying on your back, bring one knee up to the chest and hold. This helps address any discomfort in the intestines and also allows the abdomen to be stretched and tensed, providing a workout that tones that area. Repeat with other knee, holding for the same amount of time.

Boat Pose

While balancing on the buttocks, the legs are straight ahead of you and raised off the mat. Meanwhile, the arms are straight out from the shoulders and held parallel to the legs, which are together in their elevated stretch out of in front of you. You should be able to feel the burn in the area of your abdomen, burning that belly fat off.

Warrior Pose I

In this pose, one leg is shifted forward and bent at the knee, while the other is straight out behind you, at an angle from the waist and creating an arc to the arms, which are stretched above the head. Once this position has been reached and held for a couple of minutes, then it can be repeated with the other leg forward and bent at the knee. This stretches the body and promotes balance while working on toning and stretching the abdomen.

These poses are easy to work into a yoga workout that stretches the body and calms the mind. With that and the help of a supplement if you so choose, your body will start seeing a significant reduction in body fat in a reasonable amount of time without any unhealthy side effects to the body. While not instant, the reduction of body fat in this manner brings satisfaction to the individual who has turned to yoga for this purpose.


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