What you don’t know about carrageenan ?

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There are number of people who are not aware about carrageenan, it is one of the finest and the most familiar product that is commonly used in the food industries majorly for the purpose of stabilizing, gelling or thickening the product.  Carrageenan is mainly used in dairy and meat products, one can also find different varieties of carrageenan for different types of uses.  it is large in size and is very flexible in shape which give it ability to form a gel which is used mainly in the food industry for making your product more good.  You can also find number of commercial ways of carrageenan like kappa is the strongest form that is used in the food products, lota is a kind of soft gels that forms a presence of calcium ions in it, lambda is not a kind of gel but it is used to make the dairy product thick for it consistency.

You can easily find carrageenan in number of dairy products, if you ever visited the supermarket or purchased coconut milk, ice creams or almonds that you will come to read about the ingredient that is called carrageenan. This is not at all harmful for the people but some important things you have to keep in mind that it is not at all for the home used people cannot use it as carrageenan does not contain any kind of the nutrient or other digestible products.  These are used mainly in the dairy products that are organic or natural products.  It is mainly found in the Atlantic oceans and majorly you can find it in the packaged products.  Yes it is been truly stated by FDA that carrageenan is safe for consuming and does not contain any kind of the harmful substance in it.

Here are some of the top products that include carrageenan

  • Butter milk: You all are aware about the buttermilk and every age group of people love to have buttermilk. This buttermilk contains a special ingredient in it that is carrageenan.  It helps to form a proper thickness of the milk and make it more delicious in taste. The carrageenan is used in a limited quantity just for increasing up its thickness.
  • Almond milk:  It is one of the finest and the special drink of the people around. You can find different types of almond milk with many varieties of flavours.  You can easily get the almond milk in the supermarket that is well packaged and is safe and good for health as well as skin.

Now you are know about ‘what is carrageenan and how it’s useful to dairy products. There are lots and lots of people who think that carrageenan is not good or safe for having in the product, but it is actually stated by the food corporation that there is no harm in consuming any kind of the dairy products that includes carrageenan.  It is true that it does not contain any type of protein or nutrients in it but at the same time carrageenan is just used for keeping your dairy products or meat safe and thick for the longer hours as they are packed and been store.


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