Dental Implants 101

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Dental implants don’t come cheap but they play a great role is assisting people suffering from different problems with their teeth. Oral and maxillofacial experts love to use dental implants and other prosthetics because when you look at the big picture, they will actually end up becoming cheaper than choosing the traditional tooth replacement procedures especially because of their durability. Dental implants are slowly but surely taking the place of dental bridges and dentures as the most popular choice and there are several good reasons for this dramatic change.

Durability: One reason why dental implants are becoming more popular is that users are living longer than people used to a few years ago; dentures were acceptable in the past because people had to wear them for only a short period of time. With lifespan of these implants being anything like ten years, patients will prefer them to anything else.

Affordability: Dental implants are more affordable than any other form of prostheses; this is especially true when you are replacing a single tooth. Dental bridges are more expensive and can be quite troublesome in cases where only one tooth is being replaced; they increase risks of gum disease and may damage other teeth.


Maintenance: When compared to dentures, dental implants are easier to maintain because one doesn’t have to remove them. This is permanent tooth replacement and you can only take care of it the same way you care for your natural teeth. The protection regime involves flossing, brushing and cleaning them regularly; this means that they require the least amount of maintenance when compared to all other prostheses. However, you must always remember to have a regular checkup with your dentist so that your implantation is also checked.

Clearer speech: Most people often realize too late that dentures have a way in which they affect a person’s speech. This happens even when they fit well because they will affect the way you pronounce particular words. Dental implants are normally screwed directly to the gum line and they fit like your original teeth hence no risk of unwanted sounds or difficulty speaking.

Eat anything:  Bridges, dentures and other forms of tooth replacement have always restricted people’s enjoyment of certain foods. This happens especially in relation to harder foods that could easily dislodge the prosthetics. Because implants are permanent replacements they are not likely to move or shift or get affected in anyway when you eat hard candy or tough nuts.

Keeps your smile: Dentures are worn to fit over your gums  As a result they affect the shape of your smile and in effect your face; this also applies to all other tooth replacement apart from dental implants. This is because they are customized and fit your jawline.


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