Degrees of Drug Abuse Into Which A Person Can Fall

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We all are aware of the fact that a person who drinks every night and claims that they can pause it any time they desire. It can be an excuse or the person may truly be able to control drug’s use. Every person using the drug doesn’t require rehab. Moreover, some of them who need this treatment don’t recognize the seriousness of this problem.

Following Are Some Degrees of Drug Use:

  • Experimentation

People practice with drugs for various reasons. Few are curious about the effects of a particular drug while others are pressurized by someone else. Most of the people who take drugs for experiment don’t get addicted. But still, it’s one use can be harmful, particularly if the individual is making bad decisions such as driving and drinking.

In such cases, you should you monitor the behavior and grasp the clues of drug abuse. In case you are able to determine the possible reasons of experimentation, you can easily access the importance of getting involved and type of intervention required for combating the issue.


  • Social Use

The drug or alcohol addict uses the material in social situations, generally to fun, fitting in and relaxing. Even though it appears to be an innocent act, particularly when compared to solitary drug user, its social use quite often leads to higher degree of material use.

In case the social user keeps on using even after facing negative consequences, they have passed the line of substance use.

In such cases, you should inquire further about the issue. The user may seem to just enjoy having a great time, however, as a matter of fact they get addicted to it long before when the social event has begun.

Use of drugs which is limited to social circle can quickly expand and needs to be monitored, particularly if the individual has a family background of addiction, he/she struggles with depression or other types of mental illness, or is suffering from any other factors related to addiction. If you feel that problem has reached to the peak, you may visit Mesa rehab clinic for assistance.

  • Binge Drinking

It is often overlooked as it includes periodic heavy drinking, quite often once or twice a week. Binge drinking is a tricky way of drug use. According to a research, it has been found that around 38 million people of a country drink approximately four times a week, with each session taking around eight drinks.

Men taking four or more drinks and women having three or more within two hours can throw themselves and others in risky situation. Binge drinking has also been found to link with unintended pregnancies, alcohol poisoning, assaults, liver disease, high blood pressure, accidental injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, among the other negative impacts.

Despite these risks, more than 60 percent of the alcohol taken by adults and 95 percent of it consumed by below age drinkers is in form of binge drinks. Youngsters have the highest probability of binge drinking, even though fresh use is related to alcohol and drug addictions at later stage of life.

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