5 Diet Trends to AVOID in 2016

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Getting to and maintaining your ideal weight can be a challenge, especially if you’re doing it on your own.  If you are hoping to lose weight in 2016 the first thing most people turn to is the newest diet trend.  There are, however, some trends that are not only bad for your waistline in the long run, but bad for your health as well.  Here are the top 5 diet trends to avoid in 2016.

  1. Smoothie Cleanses
    Fresh fruits and vegetables are wonderful for you, of course, and a smoothie is a good way to get your intake increased.  The trouble comes when you are told to limit all other foods in an impossible-to-maintain diet.  These cleanses will help you lose weight momentarily, but once normal eating resumes the weight will return with a vengeance.
  1. Paleo Packaged Products
    The Paleo Diet itself is not too far off the mark of what we should all be eating, fruits and vegetables and natural foods.  The issue however comes when companies try to capitalize on a diet craze and making packaged, processed foods that add chemicals, fake sugar, and fats.  Skip these products if you want to do your health and your wallet a favor in 2016.

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  1. Clean Eating
    This diet is all the buzz for 2016.  Once again the basics of eating natural foods is wonderful for you.  The issue comes when people get obsessed with the definition of “clean”.  Many are cutting out healthy fats and other good for you items that don’t fit into this particular mold.  This can cause an extreme dieting behavior that is currently being discussed even by mental health experts.
  1. Meal Delivery Services
    Getting a box of ingredients delivered to your door is fast and can help you stay within calorie range.  However these diets can become monotonous and can be wallet draining.  You can do a free search of recipes online and make healthy meals just as quickly without the hefty price tags and boring ingredients.
  1. Detox Teas
    Special (read: expensive) detox teas are everywhere in 2016.  Most do nothing more for you than increasing your intake of water would and have no scientific backing.  In fact some teas may even be a danger to your health, containing natural laxatives that can hinder your body’s normal processes if taken for too long.

A spokesperson for www.DietDoc.com had this to say “Many diets are complicated and difficult to follow.  Many dieters have trouble keeping the pounds off long-term.  What you really need is a diet plan that meets your specific needs as an individual.”

The most important part of finding a good diet in 2016 is to find something that works specifically for you which involves eating right and exercising—a lifestyle change!

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